What is ALM

Following the entry into force of the European Regulation, the Certifying Staff operating in the Aircraft Maintenance Organizations approved in accordance with Annex II (Part-145) and in Maintenance Organizations for the maintenance of Continuous Airworthiness (CAMO), approved on the basis of the provisions contained in Annex III (Part-M), must be in possession of the Aircraft Maintenance License, in at least one of the following categories or sub-categories.

Aeronautical Maintenance License couses

permits the holder to issue certificates of release to service following minor scheduled line maintenance and simple defect rectification within the limits of tasks specifically endorsed on the certification authorisation referred to in point 145.A.35 of Annex II (Part-145). The certification privileges shall be restricted to work that the licence holder has personally performed in the maintenance organisation that issued the certification and the authorisation.

Basic theoretical knowledge

In order to apply to the Competent Authority (in Italy it is ENAC, the National Agency for Civil Aviation) the issuance of the Aeronautical Maintenance License, it is necessary to pass all the exams of the modules provided for each Category / Sub-Category. The verification of basic knowledge is conducted by a training organization duly approved in accordance with Part 147 or by the Competent Authority itself.

basic knowledge - Aeronautical Maintenance License

Theoretical examination tests

All the fundamental exams must be carried out using the multiple choice questions and open questions format.

Each multiple choice question has 3 alternative answers, of which only one is the correct one. The vote required to pass each module of Part 66 and the multiple choice sub-modules corresponds to 75%.

Open questions require the writing of a written answer; the candidate has 20 minutes to answer each question. The vote required for approval in relation to each open-ended question is 75%.

In the event of a positive outcome, a Certificate of Recognition is issued for each module; these certificates must be presented to the Competent Authority at the time the license is requested.

Practical maintenance activities

For the purpose of issuing the LMA, the regulation provides for the carrying out of practical maintenance activities.

The practical module of the course must consist in the execution of representative maintenance interventions and in their evaluation, and must be aimed at the following:

  1. to ensure, in compliance with safety regulations, the performance of maintenance, inspections and routine activities in accordance with the maintenance manual, other instructions and other related activities, depending on the type of aircraft, such as, for example: resolution of problems, repairs, adjustments, replacements, assembly and, if necessary, functional checks such as engine operation;
  2. correct use of all technical documentation and documentation relating to the aircraft;
  3. know the specific / special equipment and test equipment, removal and replacement of specific components and modules according to the type of aircraft, including any maintenance activities on the wings.

Issue of Aircraft Maintenance License

The application for the issuance of an Aeronautical Maintenance License (or any changes to this license) must be made using the appropriate form, the AESA Form 19 and submitted to the Competent Authority, in the manner established by the latter

The application must be accompanied by:

  1. an Identity Document;
  2. the Certificates of Recognition of the exams related to each module;
  3. the records of all the practical maintenance activities carried out within the times and in the manner prescribed by the regulations.

Upon receipt of the EASA Form 19 and the documentation, the Competent Authority verifies its completeness and that the level of experience declared complies with the requirements of this part. The Competent Authority also checks the status of the applicant’s exams and / or confirms the validity of the credits to make sure that all the exams of the prescribed modules have been taken according to the regulations.

Once established that the standards of competence and experience of the applicant are in conformity, the Competent Authority issues the relevant Aeronautical Maintenance License.

Validity of the Aircraft Maintenance License

The aircraft maintenance license loses its validity after 5 years from the last release or modification, unless it is submitted to the competent authority, by the owner, in order to verify that the information it contains corresponds to what is contained in the Registers of the Competent Authority.