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Our Training and Examination Organization(IT.147.0019) is looking for a theoretical instructor for our training courses for EASA B1.1, B1.2 and B2 maintenance technicians, at the headquarters, for carrying out the following tasks:

  • education in our basic training courses for maintenance technicians (in one or more branch of knowledge: mathematics, physics, electrical and electronic engineering, technology of materials for aircraft use, aerodynamics, propeller, systems and structures of aeronautical means, turbine and piston engines)
  • perform knowlwdge examinations
  • preparation of teaching material

Full-time availability required from 8.30 to 17.30

The profile of ideal candidate is:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering or Specialist degree in Mechanical/Electronic Engineering or similar
  • Spoken and written knowledge of English language and/or Italian language
  • Knowledge of training / teaching techniques and management skills of classroom

It is considered preference, but non-binding,the experience of at least 2 years as a teacher in specialist subjects in mechanics and/or aircraft and/or electronic fields.

The profile is completed by: predisposition to interpersonal relationships, autonomy, dynamism, ability to transmit knowledge and to perform examinations of candidates.

Please send your application and attach your CV indicating the reference IT/ET, to

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