About us

Aircraft Engineering Academy was born thanks to South East Aviation Services – SEAS, one of the biggest Part-145 Aircraft Maintenance organizations, with more than 20 operating bases in Europe.   The continuous evolution at international level of the activities connected with the aviation world asks to the business operator the need to have highly specialized professional figures. For this reason, Aircraft Engineering Academy has received the certification by ENAC as Training and Examinations Organisation for the basic training courses of Cat. B1.1 (turbine aircraft), Cat. B1.2 (piston aircraft) and Cat. B2 (avionics), with the aim of getting the Aircraft Maintenance License (AML). The AEA MISSION is:
  • to satisfy the growing job offer in the field of aircraft maintenance (more than 130.000 new technicians throughout Europe);
  • to offer all young people, and not just them, the opportunity of becoming qualified aeronautical technicians immediately employed through a renewable 24-month duration job contract (only if the course minimum objectives have been exceeded);
  • to make available to the companies of the Italian and European technical aviation sector a group of qualified resources within the aircraft production and maintenance staff with the certainty of finding young and qualified personnel who combine knowledge and professional skills with the assimilation of corporate organizational principles and behaviour.
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