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The Executive Master in “Aviation Management” aims to train the “aviation managers” of the immediate future to be equipped of complete and interdisciplinary knowledge of the management and innovation processes at the heart of the aeronautical industry with all the necessary services for professional growth.

Thanks to the partnership with SEAS Srl (leader in the fields of aircraft maintenance and ground operations) and AEA (Aircraft Engineering Academy), the executive Master EMAVIM intends to convey a rethinking of the way of flying and of the services that revolve around this wonderful world, also considering the recent world experiences.

The Master is aimed at students who want to approach this world, but mainly to professionals in the aircraft sector or not who want to reconvert or improve their professional skills in a way that from the working point of view still has ample opportunities for placement.


The Executive Master in Aviation Management aims to create and strengthen the organizational and managerial skills of those who already work or intend to approach the world of air services concretely and intend to acquire positions of high competence and responsibility.

During the training course, case-histories and experimental cases of innovative managerial systems in the aeronautical sector will be presented.


I. Aviation Business Principles
II. Finance for aviation
III. Aviation Operations Management
IV. Innovation & aviation project management
V. Marketing & Digital communication for aviation services

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Courses duration:

1 to 2 days depending on the course


  • Aviation Business Principles (30h)
  • Finance for aviation (30h)
  • Aviation Operations
  • Management (30h)
  • Inovation & aviation project management (30h)
  • Marketing & Digital communication for aviation services (30h)

Course duration:

2450 hours (almost 2 years)

Entry requirements:

Access to the Master is reserved for candidates with an excellent knowledge of English language which will be selected at the sole discretion of SEAS S.r.l.

For information about course application and costs contact the AEA office

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